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C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Wed Feb 27 14:15:39 CST 2013

On 02/04/2013 07:11 AM, IJff, E.G. wrote:
> L.S.,
> Reading the svn-book 1.7 I found the following lay out flaws (up to chap.
> 2, an still reading).
> First you will find the text in the book, then my remark.
> Best regards,
> Bert


Thanks for the reportNearly all of this is stuff we know about -- and which
largely is outside our decided ability to control.  This book is written in
DocBook XML, translated into FO and then ultimately into the PDF version you
read by tooling.  Sometimes, the tooling does stuff wrong.  That's what
you're seeing.  It's ugly, at times, but we're pretty disinterested in
micro-managing the appearance of the PDF.  Our focus is on content.  If the
rendering issues are a roadblock to your parsing the book content, though,
perhaps reading the HTML version would work better for you?
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