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Reading the svn-book 1.7 I found the following lay out flaws (up to chap. 2, an still reading).

First you will find the text in the book, then my remark.

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Subversion's History

In early 2000, CollabNet, Inc. ( began seeking developers to write a replacement for CVS. CollabNet offered3 a collaboration software suite called CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE), of which one component was version control.

Here, offered3 should read offered3, to indicate a footnote.

What's New in Subversion

The first edition of this book was published by O'Reilly Media in 2004, shortly after Subversion had reached 1.0. Since that time, the Subversion project has continued to release new major releases of the software. Here's a quick summary of major new changes since Subversion 1.0. Note that this is not a complete list; for full details, please visit Subversion's web site at ht- tp://

Here, the text of the URL should not be broken.

How to Read This Book



Technical books always face a certain dilemma: whether to cater to top-down or to bottom-up learners. A top-down learner prefers to read or skim documentation, getting a large overview of how the system works; only then does she actually start using the soft-

It looks better if the header is on the same page as the following text.

This Book Is Free




The online home of this book's development and most of the volunteer-driven translation efforts regarding it is ht- tp://

Here too, the text of the URL should not be broken.

to change this file, and what changes did he make?” These are the sorts of questions that are at the heart of any version control sys-


Fundamental Concepts


The Working Copy

Watch out for widows/orphans.

Figure 1.5. The copy-modify-merge solution (continued)

Keep caption on same page as picture.

Figure 1.6. Tree changes over time

Keep caption on same page as picture.

The Subversion client will automatically encode URLs as necessary, just like a web browser does. For example, the URL ht- tp://host/path with space/project/españa — which contains both spaces and upper-ASCII characters — will be automatically interpreted by Subversion as if you'd provided ht- tp://host/path%20with%20space/project/espa%C3%B1a. If the URL contains spaces, be sure to place it within quotation marks at the command line so that your shell treats the whole thing as a single argument to the program.

Here too (page 9), the text of the URL should not be broken.

There is one notable exception to Subversion's handling of URLs which also applies to its handling of local paths in many contexts, too.

(page 9) "also" means "too", doesn't it?

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