Repository organization woes. (Translators, please read this!)

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Thu Aug 11 02:38:38 CDT 2011

Hello Micheal,

I'm ex-translator of the Russian dead version. Here are my comment.

On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 07:30, C. Michael Pilato <cmpilato at>wrote:

> I'd like to begin having long-lived branches so that some of the older
> versions of the English text can be updated with fixes and remain active.

In my point of view, it sounds resonable.

> Since I can't imagine that any translation project would wish to actively
> track a moving target (is this true?), I'm considering moving all the
> translations into branches based on the version number of the English
> source
> they are "chasing".

Am I correct that "chased" English versions would "marked" by "tags"
(e.g. tags/1.4/en, tags/1.5/en)?

>  The English source would be the only thing in the
> trunk.  So, the current directories would be moved like so:
>   trunk/src/en  ->  trunk/en/

>   trunk/src/ru  ->  branches/1.4/ru

Are you going to correct typos or errors in "released" version of the book
(e.g. for "tags/1.4/en") in "bugfix" branches (e.g. branch/1.4/en)?
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