Repository organization woes. (Translators, please read this!)

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Thu Aug 11 08:36:36 CDT 2011

On 08/11/2011 03:38 AM, Maverick Crank GRey wrote:
> Are you going to correct typos or errors in "released" version of the book
> (e.g. for "tags/1.4/en") in "bugfix" branches (e.g. branch/1.4/en)?

Yes, that's precisely the idea.  In fact, I was going to say that I don't
really foresee the need to create tags any more.  But then I noticed this
statement of yours:

> Am I correct that "chased" English versions would "marked" by "tags"
> (e.g. tags/1.4/en, tags/1.5/en)?

Would a tag be necessary?  Or would a new translation attempt probably just
start as a copy of some revision of the English original?  (And maybe that's
one of those questions that depends on the translator's particular approach
to working.)

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