Repository organization woes. (Translators, please read this!)

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Wed Aug 10 15:35:14 CDT 2011

On 08/09/2011 11:30 PM, C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> Since I can't imagine that any translation project would wish to actively
> track a moving target (is this true?), I'm considering moving all the
> translations into branches based on the version number of the English source
> they are "chasing".  The English source would be the only thing in the
> trunk.  So, the current directories would be moved like so:
>    trunk/src/en  ->  trunk/en/
>    trunk/src/de  ->  branches/1.5/de
>    trunk/src/es  ->  branches/1.0/es
>    trunk/src/fr  ->  branches/1.5/fr
>    trunk/src/it  ->  branches/1.2/it
>    trunk/src/nb  ->  branches/1.4/nb
>    trunk/src/ru  ->  branches/1.4/ru
>    trunk/src/zh  ->  branches/1.6/zh
>    trunk/src/tools -> trunk/tools (but also copied to each branch)

As you've probably seen by now, I've made this change.  I'm mostly finished
improving the nightly build scripts to handle the adjustment.  Should have
everything in working order tomorrow.

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