1.5 book issues

Eric Gillespie epg at pretzelnet.org
Fri Jun 6 16:33:19 CDT 2008

- http://svnbook.red-bean.com/trac/ticket/114 says the dav
  logging has been updated, and r3097 appears to do that but what
  i can actually read on svnbook.r.c seems outdated

- svnserve sasl section refers to both subversion.conf and
  svn.conf; only svn.conf is correct

- I notice this in the merge section, but it may be elsewhere:

  in the example boxes, it's "-c" and "-m" (short options).
  at least one paragraph talks about --revision and --change, though.

  some long options are common, sure, but i can't believe anyone
  types --revision or --change

  it's inconsistent, regardless

Sorry, but looking over those sections is all I can contribute :).

Eric Gillespie <*> epg at pretzelnet.org

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