HELP NEEDED: Final technical review of the Subversion book

Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at
Wed Jun 11 15:42:06 CDT 2008

Thanks for the two patches, Jens.  I applied most of your corrections
-- but not all.

For example, we check out r8810 for fun, I'm not sure why you felt the
need to change it to r31632.   Also, 'copyright.xml' isn't changeable
-- it's boiler-plate Creative Commons license text.  (We didn't write
it!)  There were other places in chapter 2 where you suggested adding
lots of extra details / edge-cases / examples, but they weren't always
appropriate.  Chapter 2 is supposed to be a 'gentle' tour, not an
exhaustive list of every possible scenario and option available.  All
of the extra details you mentioned are described later in the book.

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