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>From Russian translation team (with love =)

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From: vassily ragosin <vr at vrgraphics.ru>
Date: Jun 23, 2005 8:09 PM
Subject: Using ‐‐ instead of -- in book source
To: "C. Michael Pilato" <cmpilato at collab.net>
Cc: l10n-ru at subversion.tigris.org

Dear Michael,

I want to ask a question. Is it possible to change all -- in the book
text to ‐‐? Here is why it is needed: Russian translation
team uses the so called "Norwegian method" to keep source in sync with
English version, which allows to keep English source along with
translated text in XML comments. Unfortunately, presence of -- in such
comments breaks validity of these elements, because -- is not supposed
to appear inside a comment. Norway people use some clever system of
transformations to convert source from repo state to edit state and
back, but this obviously complicates the things unnecessary and is prone
to human errors. Why don't we change all -- in the source English text
to ‐‐ and have this problem solved for us, Norwegians, and
maybe other translators who use the same system? This would also free
your English-speaking hands, if you ever wish to put some part of such
text into XML comments block.

You don't need to spend your time to implement the changes, just tell me
if it is OK to commit such a change. We probably need to add some notice
to HACKING as well for the future text changes involving --.

On the other topic, our ru/ProperNames is still not finished. Can you
help to complete it or help to arouse some interest to that file once again?

Resourcefully yours,

vassily ragosin

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