Fwd: Using ‐‐ instead of -- in book source

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at red-bean.com
Fri Jun 24 11:48:26 CDT 2005

>I want to ask a question. Is it possible to change all -- in the book
>text to ‐‐? Here is why it is needed: Russian translation
>team uses the so called "Norwegian method" to keep source in sync with
>English version, which allows to keep English source along with
>translated text in XML comments. Unfortunately, presence of -- in such
>comments breaks validity of these elements, because -- is not supposed
>to appear inside a comment.
You /have/ to be kidding me.  You want to change a million instances of 
option names from --foo to ‐‐foo?  That's really gross. 

I'm sorry, but I just don't personally want to suffer the pain of 
editing that way, nor of expecting newcomers to the project to learn 
such an obscure policy.  I understand it causes you some amount of pain, 
but suggest that at the time you go to comment out English text,  you 
also do this hyphen-to-"‐" transformation for yourself.

>On the other topic, our ru/ProperNames is still not finished. Can you
>help to complete it or help to arouse some interest to that file once again?
I've done what I can do in ProperNames, but will send a prod to the list 
about it.
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