Subversion "doc" commit access

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Sun Aug 14 02:29:41 CDT 2005

kfogel at wrote:

>Since the book is a totally separate repository, with a separate
>committer list, managed by booksters, I've CC'd that list to ask them
>about commit access there.  Book folks, if you want me to add Joshua
>there too, let me know.  I can't remember whether our policy is that
>doc commit access in svn means commit access to the book or not.
When we moved the Subversion book into its own repository, we 
"grandfathered in" Subversion full and doc committers into the svnbook 
committers list.  However, that was a one-time thing.  IMO, commit 
access to the English book sources and website should be granted to new 
folks on the merits of work done for the book only (with the whole patch 
submission bit going on). 

Commit access to the various language translations is managed by those 
translation teams, and I've no idea what policies exist there.  
Basically, if one of the translation coordinators says, "Mike, please 
give translation access to Joe Translator", I oblige.

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