Subversion "doc" commit access

kfogel at kfogel at
Sat Aug 13 23:33:35 CDT 2005

Joshua Varner <jlvarner at> writes:
> Thank you for asking, I would be happy to help more. I know there are
> a few FAQ patches still in the queue and I've been gathering some
> information as I read e-mails. I'm in the process of cathcing up from a
> recent crunch time, so I won't start on that right away, but it shouldn't
> be too long. There are a few other things bug-wise that I've seen that
> I want to use as chances to explore the code base, too. (I've read the
> process on the out of area changes/patches for partial committers, so don't
> worry, I will avoid going commit happy, anything non-trivial, even doc wise,
> I'll probably run by the list first for the time being.)
> I also joined the book's dev list, but I could not find the url for
> the book's repository. Am I just blind or does someone have to tell you?

Well, the link on is not very clear.  It's the
bit that says "View the book's Docbook XML sources" -- the last three
words are a link directly into the repository, and from it one can
deduce that this is the trunk path:

However, I'm sure they'd be in favor of someone fixing that page up to
be more clear about how to track head and contribute :-) !  

Since the book is a totally separate repository, with a separate
committer list, managed by booksters, I've CC'd that list to ask them
about commit access there.  Book folks, if you want me to add Joshua
there too, let me know.  I can't remember whether our policy is that
doc commit access in svn means commit access to the book or not.

> I signed up on with username = jlvarner, my password can
> be '*******'. 


> Should I sign up for the observer role on the subversion
> project, too? (For the issues list)

Yup, you should definitely have Observer role.



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