A English syntax error in section title

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at red-bean.com
Mon Nov 13 07:50:06 CST 2017

Well, that section is not actually about blocking of merge tracking, but
rather about blocking commits made by clients that don't support merge

The original sentiment is probably one best expressed using hyphens (as in,
"Blocking Merge-Tracking-Unaware Clients"), but long strings of hyphens are
generally frowned upon.    I notice that the 1.7 version of the book has
this title as simply "Blocking Merge-Unaware Clients", which is an
improvement grammatically, but still fails to reflect the scope of what's
really happening.

Maybe we should change the title of that section to reflect the *goal*
rather than the specific approach.  Perhaps something such as "Preserving
Mergeinfo Integrity"?

-- Mike

On Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 1:36 AM, wuzhouhui <wuzhouhui14 at mails.ucas.ac.cn>

> I'm not a English-native speaker, but according to my knowledge learned
> from
> school, should we add a preposition between "Tracking" and "Unaware", like
> "For"?
> Index: en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml
> ===================================================================
> diff --git a/trunk/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml
> b/trunk/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml
> --- a/trunk/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml      (revision 5490)
> +++ b/trunk/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml      (working copy)
> @@ -3178,7 +3178,7 @@ D    src/integer.c
>      <!-- ===============================================================
> -->
>      <sect2 id="svn.branchmerge.advanced.pre1.5clients">
> -      <title>Blocking Merge Tracking Unaware Clients</title>
> +      <title>Blocking Merge Tracking For Unaware Clients</title>
>        <para>If you've just upgraded your server to Subversion 1.5 or
>          later, there's a risk that pre-1.5 Subversion
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