Issue 190 in svnbook: Incorrect statement in svnsync command-line reference (?)

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Wed Mar 20 09:16:39 CDT 2013

	Labels: Milestone-en-1.8

Comment #2 on issue 190 by cmpilato: Incorrect statement in svnsync  
command-line reference (?)

Eek.  There are many flavors of ickiness in the sections your pointed out!   
Yes, in trunk those sections should stop calling attention to  
the 'http-library' option and should refer to something  
else.  'enable-auto-props' might not be the best choice depending on the  
specific context, as some binaries don't have anything to do with the  
auto-props (svnrdump, svnmucc, etc.).

Thanks for the report.  This will get fixed before we wrap up the 1.8  
documentation (and will be back-ported to the 1.7 version, too).

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