Issue 182 in svnbook: ch04: Rework vendor branch section. Entirely.

svnbook at svnbook at
Tue Jan 22 16:28:06 CST 2013

Comment #1 on issue 182 by cmpilato: ch04: Rework vendor branch section.   

> Creating the first mirrored source via 'import', successive
> one as branch+diff (maybe gets revived).

Need to explain this, if only so I remember.  Part of the issue with  
dealing with locally mirrored third-party sources is that simple imports  
aren't ancestrally connected and don't properly carry rename information.   
So 'svn merge' across them needs --ignore-ancestry just to avoid treating  
the whole op as a massive delete + a massive add.  Better to import v1 of  
the vendor code, then create v2 as a branch + all the mods required to make  
v1 look like v2 (ideally preserving renames).  That would at least give svn  
merge a fighting chance today, and possibly a very real probability of  
success in the future.

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