Issue 182 in svnbook: ch04: Rework vendor branch section. Entirely.

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Tue Jan 22 16:21:14 CST 2013

Status: New
Owner: cmpilato
Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium Milestone-en-1.8

New issue 182 by cmpilato: ch04: Rework vendor branch section.  Entirely.

The section on Vendor Branches in Chapter 4 is ... whack.  Confusing,  
verbose, and out of date.  It needs reworking.

Here's what I'm thinking:

    * Vendor Branches
       - Vendor Branches from Foreign Repositories
          o Discuss creating the branch via the new-in-1.8 "foreign repos
            copy", and maintain via "foreign repos merges".  Sidebar
            about painful rename tracking.
       - Vendor Branches from Mirrored Sources
          o Creating the first mirrored source via 'import', successive
            one as branch+diff (maybe gets revived).
            Maintain via "2-URL svn merge".  Reference rename hell
       - Vendor Branches from Unversioned Sources
          o Discuss in general ways that this can be done, but point out
            that this is a book about version control, not about how to
            creatively wield GNU diff and patch.

This is a must-have for 1.8, if only because I just committed the complete  
upheaval of the original Vendor Branch section and I think it's worse than  
what was there before.  :-(

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