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Wed Jan 16 09:36:49 CST 2013

Revision: 4317
Author:   cmpilato at gmail.com
Date:     Wed Jan 16 07:36:44 2013
Log:      * en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml
   (svn.advanced.props.special.ignore): Firm up some verbage around the
     default value of the 'global-ignores' runtime option


--- /trunk/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml	Wed Jan 16 07:33:44 2013
+++ /trunk/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml	Wed Jan 16 07:36:44 2013
@@ -2212,9 +2212,10 @@
        runtime configuration option tend to be more a
        matter of personal taste<footnote><para>Despite being a matter
        of personal taste, if you don't explicitly set the
-      <literal>global-ignores</literal> runtime configuration,
-      Subversion uses a default value.  See the
-      <literal>global-ignores</literal> entry in
+      <literal>global-ignores</literal> runtime
+      configuration option—either to your preferred set of
+      patterns or to an empty string—Subversion uses a default
+      value.  See the <literal>global-ignores</literal> entry in
        <xref linkend="svn.advanced.confarea.opts.config"/></para>
        </footnote> and ties more closely to a user's particular tool
        chain than to the details of any particular working copy's needs.

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