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Thanks for the suggestion (and sorry for the belated response).  You are
correct in suggesting the use of 'svn diff --old OLD --new NEW' for
examining the differences between a pair of branches.  But as I read this
section of the book again, I believe that this isn't the right scenario for
that kind of diff invocation.

If you following the example from its beginning, you will see that the user
has been instructed to merge the trunk changes to his or her branch, and
that the branch working copy is, at the point that this text appears,
currently carrying those changes as local modifications.  As such, a simple
'svn diff' in that branch working copy will reveal the changes that the text
is referring to.

So, yours was a great suggestion in the general sense, but not precisely
applicable to the part of the book that you propose.  Thanks, though!

-- Mike

On 07/03/2012 11:08 AM, joneric wennerstrom wrote:
> In the "Keeping a Branch in Sync" at
> file:///C:/rw_apps/subversion/svn-book-html/svn-book.html#svn.branchemerge.basicmerging.stayinsync,
> there is the text
> "At this point, the wise thing to do is look at the changes carefully with
> svn diff, and then build and test your branch." 
> I would suggest then providing the syntax for that, as I have seen
> numerous posts regarding this.
> svn diff --old=<url> --new=<localpath>
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