Issue 85 in svnbook: Moving a paragraph

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Thu Jun 24 02:50:12 CDT 2010

Comment #2 on issue 85 by christophe.nanteuil: Moving a paragraph

Well, what disturbs me is that the paragraph mentions SOURCE_URL in a  
section where this option is not available. I would agree with you if the  
paragraph was in Chapter 5 'Administration', where you present the usual  
way first, and where you can go back afterwards to introduce an atypical  
But it is in Chapter 9 'References' and, as the subtree has to be specified  
at the initialization, I think the paragraph should be in the corresponding  
section. If an administrator reminds that this atypical thing is available  
and wants to confirm the syntax, where will (s)he open the book ?
In conclusion, my opinion (just my opinion) is that the partial repository  
mirroring should be mentionned in Chapter 5, the way you propose it in your  
comment, and that the paragraph should be moved in initialize section,  
maybe with an example to illustrate the thing.

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