Issue 85 in svnbook: Moving a paragraph

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Wed Jun 23 20:46:33 CDT 2010

Comment #1 on issue 85 by cmpilato: Moving a paragraph

Thanks for feedback, Christophe.  I actually disagree with this suggestion,  
though.  First, we do mention in the 'svnsync init' section the fact that  
Subversion 1.5 adds this functionality.  Secondly, it's not (in my  
experience) the most common use of svnsync, so I prefer to leave the fuller  
description down where it is (in a bit of text that flows almost  
like "stuff you should know when doing atypical things").

That said, would it suffice (in your opinion) to extend the current text  
of 'svnsync init' a bit to include a notice that there's more to be found  
on the partial mirroring topic later?

"In Subversion 1.5, though, you can use <command>svnsync</command> to mirror
only some subtree of the repository, too.  We describe this process of  
<firstterm>partial repository mirroring</firstterm> in more detail later in  
this section."

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