Issue 70 in svnbook: Basic syntax of WC paths should not be buried in a chapter named Advanced Topics

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Wed Jan 20 06:49:25 CST 2010

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New issue 70 by sa3ruby: Basic syntax of WC paths should not be buried in a  
chapter named Advanced Topics

The premise of this issue is that people should not have to read an entire
book, including a section called Peg and Operative Revisions in a chapter
named Advanced Topics in order to correctly code an svn command in a script
they are writing.  At a minimum, there should be a forward pointer to this

Further background:

Note: this is emphatically *not* a defect report about the need to append
an '@' to file names that may, themselves, contain '@' signs; or on the
incompatible API change that that represents -- I understand how such came
to be.  But I do have a suggestion along those lines: if a peg revision is
specified and a file is skipped in the processing of a command then perhaps
an additional informational message can be produced suggesting that perhaps
an @ at the end of the command is needed?  If that produces too many false
positives, then perhaps that could be further scoped down to purported peg
revisions that contain non-numeric characters.  That may not help the
news at 11 case, but would have helped in my case (the file names in question
were email addresses).

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