Language Navigation - update

Wolf Peuker wolfpeuker at
Tue Feb 16 03:58:04 CST 2010

Hi C. Michael,

C. Michael Pilato schrieb:
> Wolf, thanks for the patch and for patiently working through the finer
> points with Jens.
> I confess that I'm a little confused about the approach here because I
> *thought* we wanted each page's language list to look identical, 
each page's language list *looks identical* with the ctext of a link in
the target language. Only the title attribute of the links are in the
language of the page shown. This was our goal, I hope that it's reached.
Try the patch on your working copy and you'll see what I mean.

BTW: (I checked it again) if I load nb from my patched working copy, I
get http-links instead of file-links. Can this be be browser cache?

Best regards,

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