Issue 89 in svnbook: svn options: --strict, --targets & switch

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Thu Aug 12 21:17:26 CDT 2010

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New issue 89 by chr... at svn options: --strict, --targets &  

Subversion 1.6.x & book r3765.

The --strict option isn't really documented in the book.
`svn help propget` provides more info, but why isn't that info in the book?
[At least it's not by the '--strict' option (non-)description or the 'svn  
propget' description.]

The description of --targets in the book contradicts the description from  
`svn help commit` etc.
Can the file contain any arguments?  Just file paths?  URLs?  With PEG  
revs?  Quoted or un-quoted?  How are files/arguments delimited?  Just line  
breaks?  Does it support comment lines?  Empty lines?  Escape sequences?

For "svn switch URL[@PEGREV] [PATH]" the book states "updates your working  
copy to point to a new URL".  OK.  However, both the book & `svn help  
switch` also state:
     "This is the [Subversion] way to move a working copy to a new branch"
Which, to me, implies that the working copy is (some how) moved and a new  
branch created in the repository.  (Which I know is not the case.)
A clearer replacement for the second sentence might be:
     "This is the [Subversion] way to change a working copy to use a branch".
     "This is the [Subversion] way to change a working copy to reference a  
     "This is the [Subversion] way to change a working copy to work on a  

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