[PATCH] Fix issue #44 : Update Copyright year to 2009

Edmund Wong ed at kdtc.net
Thu Nov 12 11:07:30 CST 2009


I don't know the appropriateness of this patch nor am I clear
whether I've covered it all (I did do a search through the
EN sources); but I've made a patch with the trunk to change
the 2008 to 2009.

I'm also unsure of the SOP with submissions of patches for
the svnbook, so I decided to use the normal SVN patch 


Updated the Copyright year to 2009.

 * src/en/book/book.xml : Added <year>2009</year>
 * src/en/book/copyright.xml : Updated '2002-2008' to '2002-2009'.

 * src/en/book/styles.css : Updated '2003-2008' to '2003-2009'

Patch by: Edmund Wong (ed{_AT_}kdtc.net)


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