Issue 64 in svnbook: Mistakes in 'svn Subcommands' : 'svn status'

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New issue 64 by chr... at Mistakes in 'svn Subcommands' : 'svn  

The description states "The first seven columns …", isn't this nine columns  

Following "The first column indicates that an item was added, deleted, or  
otherwise changed:" there is no 'G'
(merged) info.

Following "The sixth column is populated with lock information:" the K, O,  
T & B keys should be in single quotes (&
appear to be in the wrong font).  Also the description for ' ' would make  
more sense as "When --show-updates (-
u) is used, *this means* the file is not locked, otherwise this only means  
that the file is not locked in this working
copy."  (The *'s added to draw your attention.)

This is based on r3643 of the PDF page 274.

It might also be useful to include the names that appear in the XML output  
alongside the characters.
Also noting things like "'C' - 'conflicted' - see also svn  
resolve/resolved" and "'X' - 'external' - see also svn
propset, svn:externals & Externals Definitions" would be informative.   
After all this is the "Complete Reference" :-).

PS It's a shame that 'svn Subcommands' is 3 levels deep in the PDF's  

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