observations on the rest of ch 1

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Jun 11 17:42:45 CDT 2009

p. 9:  "The act of publishing your changes is more commonly known
        as committing (or checking in) changes to the repository.

        To publish your changes to others, ..."

  since you have already defined what it means to "publish" your
changes, it's redundant (and even misleading) to explain how to
publish your changes "to others."  saying "to others" might give
someone the impression that they can push their changes *directly* to
someone else.  just drop the "to others" qualifier, it will read

p. 12:  "One of the fundamental rules of Subversion is that a “push”
action does not cause a “pull,” nor vice versa. Just because you're
ready to submit new changes to the repository doesn't mean you're
ready to receive changes from other people. And if you have new
changes still in progress, ...

  again, i wouldn't say "receive changes from other people," i would
say "receive changes that others have checked in."  also, "if you have
new changes still in progress" is vague.  i'm assuming what you really
mean is, "if have have local changes that you haven't committed yet."
it's clearer if you're more precise.

p. 12:  "For example, suppose you have a working copy entirely at
revision 10. You edit the file foo.html and then perform an svn
commit, which creates revision 15 in the repository."

  some people might wonder where the number 15 magically came from.
be explicit, something like, "For example, suppose you have a working
copy entirely at revision 10, while others have been committing their
changes so that the repository is now up to revision 14."  *now*
they'll see immediately where 15 came from.

  that's it.


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