emphasize that people don't share between working copies?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Jun 11 16:45:20 CDT 2009

  once again, perhaps overly pedantic, but on p. 7:

"After you've made some changes to the files in your working copy and
verified that they work properly, Subversion provides you with
commands to “publish” your changes to the other people working with
you on your project (by writing to the repository). If other people
publish their own changes, Subversion provides you with commands to
merge those changes into your working copy (by reading from the

  while, technically, it's there if you read carefully, it may be
worth emphasizing that nothing ever flows *directly* from one
working copy to another.  it's possible that someone is coming to
subversion from git and is used to pulling from anywhere, so adding a
sentence to drive home the point that everything goes thru the
repository might not be a bad idea.


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