Version Control With Subversion - Requesting Permission to Use Images in a Thesis Work

Brian W. Fitzpatrick fitz at
Thu Feb 26 12:36:02 CST 2009

The images available from are under a CC license
(details on the website), so there's no problem with using them as
long as you attribute them.


On Sat, Feb 7, 2009 at 8:13 PM, Joshua Schendel <js290006 at> wrote:
> Authors,
> I am working on a thesis document for my thesis, entitled "Facilitating
> Development in Software Engineering by Incorporating Version Control Systems
> into Immersive, Collaborative Virtual Environments".  In this project, I
> interface Subversion with a 3D virtual environment "frontend" so that users
> can collaborate and communicate using the virtual environment's
> communication channels and view 3D visualizations of the revision history
> data and other information in-world.
> I would like to use some images from your book, Version Control With
> Subversion, in giving backround on what version control is all about.  At
> this time the images consist of the three scenarios in "The Problem with
> File Sharing" section (pages 2, 3, and 5/6 in the text).  I would also like
> to incorporate the table of comparison of subversion server options on page
> 155.
> Please let me know this information asap, as the thesis document's due date
> is fast approaching.
> ~Joshua Schendel, js290006 at
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