Version Control With Subversion - Requesting Permission to Use Images in a Thesis Work

Joshua Schendel js290006 at
Sun Feb 8 17:33:01 CST 2009


I am working on a thesis document for my thesis, entitled "Facilitating
Development in Software Engineering by Incorporating Version Control Systems
into Immersive, Collaborative Virtual Environments".  In this project, I
interface Subversion with a 3D virtual environment "frontend" so that users
can collaborate and communicate using the virtual environment's
communication channels and view 3D visualizations of the revision history
data and other information in-world.

I would like to use some images from your book, *Version Control With
Subversion*, in giving backround on what version control is all about.  At
this time the images consist of the three scenarios in "The Problem with
File Sharing" section (pages 2, 3, and 5/6 in the text).  I would also like
to incorporate the table of comparison of subversion server options on page

Please let me know this information asap, as the thesis document's due date
is fast approaching.
~Joshua Schendel, js290006 at
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