"svn switch" reference

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at red-bean.com
Mon Aug 10 09:23:03 CDT 2009

Jens M. Felderhoff wrote:
> The reference entry to "svn switch" states that
>         [if] you use the <option>--relocate</option> option to
>         <command>svn switch</command>, Subversion will contact the
>         repository to validate the relocation request (looking for the
>         repository at the new URL, of course), and then do this metadata
>         rewriting.
> However, farther down there is a warning:
>         Be careful when using the <option>--relocate</option> option.
>         If you mistype the argument, you might end up creating
>         nonsensical URLs within your working copy that render the whole
>         workspace unusable and tricky to fix.
> The question is: how can "svn switch --relocate" write a nonsensical URL
> if it contacts the repository at the new URL to verify the request?
> Logically either the statement about the verification or the warning
> ought to be dropped to avoid a contradiction.

I'm not sure it's a contradiction so much as a lack of full disclosure.  The
repository will be contacted, but I think all that is validated is its UUID.
   (Certainly, it could do more in some cases -- it *could* validate that
the FS path relative to the repository root jived.)  Regardless, I agree
that the text could stand clarification here.

Would you be willing to file an issue in our tracker for this?

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