"svn switch" reference

Jens M. Felderhoff j.m.f at gmx.li
Mon Aug 10 08:29:10 CDT 2009

The reference entry to "svn switch" states that
        [if] you use the <option>--relocate</option> option to
        <command>svn switch</command>, Subversion will contact the
        repository to validate the relocation request (looking for the
        repository at the new URL, of course), and then do this metadata
However, farther down there is a warning:

        Be careful when using the <option>--relocate</option> option.
        If you mistype the argument, you might end up creating
        nonsensical URLs within your working copy that render the whole
        workspace unusable and tricky to fix.

The question is: how can "svn switch --relocate" write a nonsensical URL
if it contacts the repository at the new URL to verify the request?

Logically either the statement about the verification or the warning
ought to be dropped to avoid a contradiction.



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