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Tue Apr 14 15:08:02 CDT 2009

Mark Phippard wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 3:39 PM, Neels Janosch Hofmeyr <neels at> wrote:
>>> Subversion already uses Keychain & Windows crypto for password
>>> caching, and has for quite some time. I don't understand what you're
>>> asking for.
>> As far as I'm told, that's a new feature in 1.6. But that's not what I'm
>> concerned about in this mail. I'm looking for documentation. Where can I
>> find instructions for using and configuring these cryptography services?
>> I scanned the nightly SVN Book and the mailing lists with no success so far.
> There is nothing to really configure.  The Windows support has been in
> the product since I think 1.2 release.  It "just works" there is
> nothing to configure.  The OSX support was added around 1.4?  It also
> just works.
> In 1.6, support for KDE KWallet and GNOME Keyring were added.  It is
> up to the packager to build in these options using
> --with-gnome-keyring or --with-kwallet.  If you are running SVN from a
> local graphical desktop with GNOME or KDE and this support compiled
> in, it also pretty much just works.  If you have a binary with support
> for both built-in you can get control which one is used with a new
> "password-store" option in the config file.
> GNOME Keyring can work in a non-graphical session, such as when using
> SSH to connect to a Linux system.  You can run this command inside
> your terminal to start the GNOME Keyring service:
> $ export `gnome-keyring-daemon`
> Subsequent SVN command should prompt you to unlock the keyring.
> Before you logout you need to run:

Thanks a lot, Mark. That's exactly what I was looking for.
This information should probably go into the svn book somewhere. None of it
is entirely clear from the current text. Also:

Your search - "password-store" - did not match any


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