Nightly Build Failure Alert: 'de'

Karl Heinz Marbaise khmarbaise at
Mon Jul 7 10:55:09 CDT 2008

Hello Jens,

> It's sad but the translator seems to have some trouble with German
> orthography. 

Thank you for your fine complements...;-)

> The translation contains thousends of errors (e.g.
> elementary ones such as "gross", "ausser"!!!!). 

That's the reason why we need to have proof reading after translation....
Corrections are welcome and appreciated.......

> I once provided a small
> test patch so see whether he accepts patches but my patch was ignored
> (and I forget about it :-(()
I'm sorry to say but that is simply not true...I didn't ignore the patch
I wrote a mail to you that the source of the book sources you started
was not the up-to-date one. Ok Ok ...I have to admit that I missed to
cleanup the directory from older source files...
....I have integrated the things you made into the new sources...and
have taken over many of your fixings....

The other thing is you should register to to get a good
organization who is working on what....May be i overseen your
registration request....just drop an email to me....

> Also the current translation inside XML needs to be converted into PO
> file to avoid further conflicts as this one. This would also recognize
> moved texts and would always result in a file which is in sync with the
> English one (by synching against it). All translations could profit from
> it.
The format is XML Docbook.....

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise
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