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Øyvind A. Holm sunny at sunbase.org
Tue Aug 5 18:36:07 CDT 2008

On 2008-08-04 13:24:34 C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> fitz wrote:
> > I didn't reflow any of the paragraphs that I edited, and I have to 
> > say--it almost killed me.  M-q is as much of a reflex for me as 
> > blinking my eye when someone is trying to poke their finger in it.
> Oh, man.  I know *exactly* how you feel.  It's especially bad when you 
> see that you're creating lines of 90, 100, 120 character in length ...

Why not use flowed text? Wrapped lines are terminated by a space — Vim 
uses it when adding "w" to formatoptions, and I'm sure Emacs has it too. 
Then place each sentence on a new line. This avoids rewrapping the whole 
paragraph, the reformatting is limited to the changed sentence only.

Of course, there's always those editors which doesn't have this feature, 
but is there any svnbook author who use such an editor?

Øyvind (sunny256)

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