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cmpilato noreply at red-bean.com
Mon Aug 4 12:17:22 CDT 2008

Author: cmpilato
Date: Mon Aug  4 12:17:22 2008
New Revision: 3239

Fix various found by a search for "mime" (lowercase) in the text.


Modified: trunk/src/en/book/appb-svn-for-cvs-users.xml
--- trunk/src/en/book/appb-svn-for-cvs-users.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/src/en/book/appb-svn-for-cvs-users.xml	Mon Aug  4 12:17:22 2008
@@ -461,7 +461,7 @@
     <para>To determine whether a contextual merge is possible,
       Subversion examines the <literal>svn:mime-type</literal>
       property.  If the file has no <literal>svn:mime-type</literal>
-      property, or has a mime type that is textual (e.g.,
+      property, or has a MIME type that is textual (e.g.,
       Subversion assumes it is text.  Otherwise, Subversion assumes
       the file is binary.  Subversion also helps users by running a

Modified: trunk/src/en/book/ch09-reference.xml
--- trunk/src/en/book/ch09-reference.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/src/en/book/ch09-reference.xml	Mon Aug  4 12:17:22 2008
@@ -3636,7 +3636,7 @@
-$ svn propdel svn:mime-type  some-script
+$ svn propdel svn:mime-type some-script
 property 'svn:mime-type' deleted from 'some-script'.
@@ -4003,7 +4003,7 @@
-          <para>Set the mime type on a file:</para>
+          <para>Set the MIME type for a file:</para>
 $ svn propset svn:mime-type image/jpeg foo.jpg 
@@ -8695,7 +8695,7 @@
                 likely want to set <literal>ModMimeUsePathInfo
                 On</literal> so that <literal>mod_mime</literal> can
                 set <literal>svn:mime-type</literal> to the correct
-                mime-type automatically (as best as
+                MIME type automatically (as best as
                 <literal>mod_mime</literal> is able to, of course).
                 For more information, see <xref
                 linkend="svn.webdav"/>.  The default value of this
@@ -9027,7 +9027,7 @@
             <para>If present on a file, the value indicates the
-              file's mime-type.  This allows the client to decide
+              file's MIME type.  This allows the client to decide
               whether line-based contextual merging is safe to
               perform during updates, and can also affect how the
               file behaves when fetched via web browser.  See

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