Little coherence issue in chapter 9

Max Bowsher maxb1 at
Sun Mar 18 10:01:25 CDT 2007

Christophe MERESSE wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed a little coherence issue in the chapter 9 of the book.
> There are chapters "svn Subcommands", "svnadmin Subcommands" but
> "svnlook" instead of "svnlook Subcommands" .
> It's quite insignificant but anyway, that could be my first patch in
> that wonderful Subversion world :)
> So I send the patch for all languages directories in this email. I'm not
> sure that it is the correct way to do even if I read many recommandation
> on how to participate. I may have had to write a ticket (?) but I did
> not find how to create a new one...

Thankyou, committed r2742.

Content changes are applied only to the English version - it is then in
the hands of the translation teams to synchronize as appropriate. This
is because, for all but the simplest changes, no one person has the
skills to change all of the languages, and we don't want to have the
confusion of different polices for different types of change.

Tickets are not necessary for simple things which can be taken care of
quickly. In any case, public ticket submission is currently disabled,
until we can get Trac set up with self-registration, since spammers
deface Trac instances allowing anonymous submissions.


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