Make svndumpfilter example work for Windows too

Ryan Schmidt subversion-2007a at
Mon Mar 26 17:22:02 CDT 2007

Dear Subversion Booklers!

In this thread on the Subversion Users mailing list...

...someone noticed that the example in the book for using  
svndumpfilter does not work as written on Windows, because the  
example uses the "cat" command, which does not exist on Windows.  
While the Windows equivalent to "cat" would be "type", one can simply  
use input redirection to give a syntax that works just as well on  
Windows as it does on Unix.

I recognize that other parts of the book still use "cat", or possibly  
other syntax that doesn't work on Windows, and imagine that it  
probably says somewhere in the book's introduction that syntax given  
is for Unix. However, not everyone will read the book's introduction,  
especially when being referred to a specific page by someone on the  
mailing list. And since at least in this case it's possible to give  
syntax that works on both Windows and Unix, I recommend doing so.

The attached patch should take care of it. I made it by searching  
all .xml files for the regular expression "cat repos-dumpfile \|  
(svndumpfilter include [a-z]+) > ([a-z]+-dumpfile?)" and replacing  
with "\1 \< repos-dumpfile \> \2".

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