Ch03 Review

Brian W. Fitzpatrick fitz at
Fri Jan 5 02:52:31 CST 2007

Wow.  Long chapter but SO AWESOME-great job, Mike.

I've taken the liberty of moving Peg revs to the end of the
chapter--it's way too deep and involved to lead off with.  Other
comments below:


PS I really liked reading about locking again--I'm *so* happy with our
design on svn's locking!

"Properties and the Subversion Workflow"

- I know that the last paragraph is a summary, but it feels kind of
ham-handed to me.

"File Content Type"

- The second, third, and fourth paragraphs really feel like a
digression (not saying you should omit them tho--sidebar?)

"Selective Versioning"

- I agree with Ben: the title does sound weird

- "a pair of ways" sounds weird.  how about "two ways"?

- In warning box: What's a "watchkeep"?

- When you run status after adding calculator and debug_log* to the
svn:ignores, are you omitting prop mod to the directory on purpose?  I
know you tell us that it's there, but not seeing it feels weird to me.
 I'm +0 on adding it.


- Three meanings of "Lock" sidebar: "sorts of lock" sounds weird.  How
about "sorts of locks"?

"Breaking and Stealing Locks"

- I admit that I didn't check, but I thought the default state was to
disallow locking entirely, not to allow anyone to break and steal any
lock.  Furthermore, I wrote a pre-lock script that by default only
allows a user to break or steal his/her own locks.  If I am out of
date or mistaken in this belief, please ignore this comment (but let
me know that I'm wrong!) :-)

"Lock Communication"

- "prevert"? :-)

"Externals definitions"

- How about you use an svn:// and and https:// url in the example and
then you can point out the shortcoming that the external url schema is
inflexible (which could be a problem for folks who have both http and
https access to their repos).

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