[svnbook] : Misc Comments on the latest book (v1.4)

Ramanathan Muthaiah rus.cahimb at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 07:02:08 CST 2007

Downloaded the latest v1.4 SVN book as PDF and started reading chapter
6 for my requirements.

Kindly ignore them, if you are already working on them.

I have the following comments on this chapter 6, Server Configuration.

item a)

The Apache HTTP Server in pg 135 (pg 157 in PDF reader).

How it works:

  Install and configure and standard Apache 2.0 server . . .


I think this should be,

 Install and configure a standard Apache 2.0 server . . .

item b)

pg 137 in PDF (pg 159 in PDF reader).

. Do not be seduced by the simple idea of having . . . , and can
entail all the same problems if the administrator isn't careful.)


-- Ending bracket does not have a matching opening bracket.

-- in lieu of "administrator" is it nice to have "system administrator" ?

item c)

pg 138 in PDF (pg 160 in PDF reader).

If the client was not authenticated . . .  then the revision's
svn:author property is empty.


-- number "1" should be at the end of the word "empty"

item d)

pg 139 in PDF (pg 161 in PDF reader).

. . . be presented to the srever if the server requests them. 2


Text for reference 2 is shown in the next page 139 and not in the same
page where it appears i.e in page 140.

item e)

pg 140 in PDF (pg 162 in PDF reader)

. the user wants to authenticate as a different user than her system
login name, or


Can this be re-phrased as,

. the user wants to authenticate as a user different than the system
login name, or


. the user wants to authenticate as a different user than his / her
system login name, or

item f)

pg 141 in PDF (pg 163 in PDF reader)

svnserve over a Tunnel


Can this title be moved to the next page 142 to match with it's contents ?


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