How to build docs from source?

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Fri Feb 23 04:14:15 CST 2007

 Hi all

> Or how to setup build environment on Windows ?

0. Download XSL stylesheets for DocBook, libxslt, Libxml (see Readme)
1. From the download MSYS and mingw32-make
2. Install MSYS and mingw32-make.
3. Rename make.exe in MSYS folder to make_.exe
4. Copy mingw32-make.exe to MSYS\BIN directory\make.exe
5. Create script file
cd /D/SVN/Book/en
make all-html

  /D/SVN/Book/en -- path where svn book  location (D:/SVN/Book/en)
  -- path where program can find libxslt, Libxml.
6. Save this file to MSYS\BIN. For example sb
7. run MSYS and enter sb in command prompt.
8. fix error or see result.

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