How to build docs from source?

vserd at vserd at
Tue Feb 20 03:26:36 CST 2007

Hi all

Windows 2000, I download Docbook xsl, XSLT, GNU Make 3.8,
checkout en book.
Try build html file

  make -d all-html

and get follow error:

       No implicit rule found for `book/version.xml'.
        Considering target file `version'.
         File `version' does not exist.
         Finished prerequisites of target file `version'.
        Must remake target `version'.
Creating temporary batch file c:\temp\make3802.bat
Putting child 0x009a1b38 (version) PID 10106760 on the chain.
Live child 0x009a1b38 (version) PID 10106760
Unexpected appearance: ..
Reaping losing child 0x009a1b38 PID 10106760
Cleaning up temp batch file c:\temp\make3802.bat
make: *** [version] Error 255
Removing child 0x009a1b38 PID 10106760 from chain.

Where I make mistake?
Or how to setup build environment on Windows ?

In  Makefile.base-rules I stop on line
  @if $(SVNVERSION) . > /dev/null; then \@

$(VERSION_SOURCE): version
        @if $(SVNVERSION) . > /dev/null; then \    <--


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