A french translation of the book

Julien Plée julienplee at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 15:42:26 CST 2007


Freshly interested in Subversion, I came to visit your site dedicated  
to the SVN book.
Also, I am French and as your project didn't show a french version, I  
have been starting translating your book while reading it.

However and since I was wondering why no french translation was  
available, or at least started, I search on Amazon.fr for books  
related to Subversion among O'Reilly productions and found out that  
"Version control with Subversion" was edited in France as "Gestion de  
projets avec Subversion", ISBN-2841772691 (november 2004).

Therefore, two questions came up in my mind which I hope you could  
answer or you could get me to contact someone how can.
• Is the french book from O'Reilly and Associates a translation of  
the free book you distribute online and will it be incorporated in  
http://svnbook.red-bean.com/ ?
• If not, would you grant me to start a french translation of the  
online book for distribution among other online translations available ?

Best regards,

Julien Plée

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