Poor example in "Look Ma! No Network!

schoon at hsva.de schoon at hsva.de
Tue Oct 24 01:37:04 CDT 2006

Sorry, but I will never understand how an incorrect
example can be useful to the reader. Simplifications
are ok, distortions not. Be my guest, keep the exam-
ple, but please add a footnote explaining its short-

As one of the end users of Subversion, I can only 
hope that I'm not victim of some capricious design
decision that now is being justified with hot air.

I have recently migrated to Subversion from CVS 
(from RCS, from SCCS, ...) and consider it to be
a positive experience.



"marc gonzalez-carnicer" <carnicer at gmail.com> wrote on 23.10.2006 

> imho, that example is very useful. the book is not
> only directed to VCS experts.

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