Poor example in "Look Ma! No Network!

Baptiste MATHUS bmathus at batmat.net
Tue Oct 24 02:21:51 CDT 2006

Hoho, is someone exploding? :-).

Well, I have read the part you're speaking about, and I can't this any
problem. In fact, I'd accept the extract you gave could have been
misleading, but not really with the whole sentence from

You say :
> I find it misleading since we don't have to send the
> entire file in order to communicate such a change.

If I'm not mistaken, you're speaking about the possibility to send
only the diff when there's a modification in the file, but this is
exactly what the paragraph you're criticising is about :
> Having this cache is a tremendous benefit—even if you have a fast net connection, it's much faster to send only a file's changes rather than the whole file to the server. At first glance, this might not seem that important, but imagine the repercussions if you try to commit a one line change to a 400MB file and have to send the whole file to the server!
 Maybe the last sentence could be a little bit clearer, adding
"instead of just the difference" at the end, but anyway that wouldn't
alter the general meaning of the paragraph...

Please note that I'm not an english native speaker, so I could have
not thoroughly understood the text. If so, please let me know :-).
-- Baptiste

2006/10/24, schoon at hsva.de <schoon at hsva.de>:
> Sorry, but I will never understand how an incorrect
> example can be useful to the reader. Simplifications
> are ok, distortions not. Be my guest, keep the exam-
> ple, but please add a footnote explaining its short-
> comings.
> As one of the end users of Subversion, I can only
> hope that I'm not victim of some capricious design
> decision that now is being justified with hot air.
> I have recently migrated to Subversion from CVS
> (from RCS, from SCCS, ...) and consider it to be
> a positive experience.
> Yours
> Johannes
> "marc gonzalez-carnicer" <carnicer at gmail.com> wrote on 23.10.2006
> 15:35:32:
> > imho, that example is very useful. the book is not
> > only directed to VCS experts.
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