Resignation from Spanish translation as coordinator

Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz gradha at
Sat Oct 7 11:34:57 CDT 2006


I am leaving the project of the Spanish translation both as coordinator
and translator. I advanced on the Spanish mailing list reasons for not
continuing work, which you may have noticed as lack of commits from me.
After a period of time I see no improvement in my situation and therefore
I leave my position to let somebody else continue the work.

I apologise, for my lack of work has resulted in an unfinished translation
and the discontinuity of the project. Hopefully somebody else will retake
the project and present himself as new coordinator.

In this final message I request that my svn user account is barred further
write access, my entry in the COMMITERS file removed, and mailing list
spamcop administration is reduced to the other two volunteers.  I will
unsubscribe now from both this and the Spanish mailing list.


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