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matteo wrote:
> In order to be able to integrate our update/contributions I would like
> to agree with you about the fact that I'am going to update
> and, if you agree, I would need to add a link to other IT stuff used to
> coordinate the team.

So, it's preferable if you can keep a brief status notation and general team
coordination stuffs actually on the page.  We've even carved
out a little space for each team to do that between the following markers on
that page:



And it appears that you guys are already using that section.

> Specific files used by IT-web section could be contained inside
> web folder.

Is there any reason why the contents can't live in trunk/src/it/?  Remember,
Subversion repositories are served up via HTTP, so you can have links to  What don't we try that for
a while -- if it doesn't pan out, we can move stuff to /trunk/www/it/.

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