SvnBook Italian svn accounts and mailing list created

Max Bowsher maxb1 at
Fri Mar 17 16:02:46 CST 2006

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I've set up Subversion accounts for all the people listed by Federico,
(with the exception of Patrick, who will need to choose a login name first).

This doesn't mean you should immediately start committing, of course -
make sure you are happy which version of the book you plan to take as
your base first.

Once you are ready, someone will create the Italian translation area in
the repository at .

I've set up the mailing list svn-it at, and subscribed all the
 Italian translators.

The list needs some moderators. The job of the moderator is to review
posts that have been sent to the list by non-subscribers. They then:
 * accept any genuine messages
 * delete the spam

The mailing list software uses a single mailing list moderation password
which is shared by all the moderators, so I'll let you discuss amongst
yourselves who will be moderating, and choose a password that you find
adequately memorable.

Then let me (personally) know, and I'll set it up.


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