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Fri Mar 17 10:33:59 CST 2006

Nebiac su Selex wrote:
> Dear Michael Pilato and all, As you probably can remember (?), some
> months ago, I agreed with you about the option to start up an Italian SVN
> Team to support SVN Book translation from English to Italian.
> The good news is: we are ready!!


> I known that, to start a new translation team, you normally ask for 1. A
> translation team with more than one member -> ok, as I said we are about
> 11 (see below the list). 2. Proof of actual work progress (in the form of
> an initial patch) -> of course, if needed we can produce it.


> If you agree, about the option to start the SVN Italian Translation Team,
> just only a question about the use of O' Reilly template for SVN Book:
> Why? Is the book of any interest for O' Reilly?

Yes.  The 1.0 version of the book was commissioned by, and published by,
O'Reilly.  "Version Control with Subversion" isn't just a digital document,
in the United States, Germany, France (and maybe others I don't know about),
you can pick it up in hardcopy form on the shelves of a bookseller.

> If yes under which form? Of course we are NOT business oriented team, but
> we think this is an important point to have clear not to have bad
> miss-understanding in future times.

I'm not sure what you're asking regarding "which form".  Your translation is
expected not to change the book's layout or format, to work directly against
the Docbook XML sources like all the other translations, to maintain
paragraph-for-paragraph, section-for-section parity with the English
translation on which your efforts are based.  Are you asking something else?

> Moreover, not to waste time, following latest book evolution, we think to
> start translating the last stable
> revision of the book (not still under develop process).

I agree wholly.  And if you hold off for just a couple of weeks, that next
stable version (1.2) will be completed.

> This, in short, is the list of what we think it could be needed to work
> to the translation project:
> 1] A sure reference to a stable (not under developing) version of SVN
> BOOK. We guess is could be something like 
> but we
> would need a confirm not to waste time on wrong branches.

Let me know if you want to base off of 1.1, or wait the couple of weeks
until 1.2 is ready.  We don't use branches, per se.  What we'll do is:

   svn copy http://.../tags/en-1.2-final/src/en \
            http://.../trunk/src/it \
            -m "Create IT translation with EN 1.2 as the baseline"

> =================================================================================================
>  NAME                   EMAIL NICKNAME          NOTES 
> =================================================================================================
>  Federico Nebiacolombo  federico.nebiacolombo at 
> <mailto:federico.nebiacolombo at>(*) nebiac            CONFIRMED 
> Matteo Staurenghi      fa_stu at <mailto:fa_stu at>
> fa_stu            CONFIRMED Alessio Spadaro
> alessio.spadaro at <mailto:alessio.spadaro at>
> ender             CONFIRMED Piero Proietti
> piero.proietti at <mailto:piero.proietti at>
> TheWind           CONFIRMED Michela Pilla
> michelapilla at <mailto:michelapilla at>
> Miky              CONFIRMED Sbarigia Andrea        boiacky at 
> <mailto:boiacky at>                    boiacky           CONFIRMED 
> Daniele Piaggesi       d.piaggesi at 
> <mailto:d.piaggesi at>            g0blin            CONFIRMED 
> Andrea Laforgia        a.laforgia at <mailto:a.laforgia at>
> walkietalkie      CONFIRMED phoenix         xphenix2000 at 
> <mailto:xphenix2000 at>                phoenix           CONFIRMED 
> Massimiliano Bariola   m.bariola at <mailto:m.bariola at>
> maxter            CONFIRMED Patrick                patrick at 
> <mailto:patrick at>                 -                 CONFIRMED

This is all great to have.  Thanks.

> 3] Activation of Italian mail list to exchange, of course in Italian 
> language, and details about the work in progress. We kindly as you to
> public the reference to this mail list on SVN org web site so that IT new
> people could join.

Eric Huelsmann:  should we create l10n-it at for this?

> 4] Commit access to SVN BOOK web site for our web master alias Matteo
> Staurenghi     (fa_stu at <mailto:fa_stu at>) 
> nickname:fa_stu

Of course.

> On SVN BOOK IT-web site, we have plan to maintain cover page in the same 
> actual form O'Reilly template) BUT also to add/maintain any new
> information that could be useful for project progressing (e.g.
> description of work in progress or Gantt,...).

This is expected.  Translation teams are encouraged to expand their page with additional information relevant to their translation
such as contact information, the status of the translation work, etc.

> Of course we will contribute for to Italian SVN community, without any 
> request (money, beers,..) but we kindly ask you, if it would be possible
> to have a mention to the composition of Italian Translation Team in
> on-line SVN book-IT. Of course we can arrange to insert this only in
> Italian SVN BOOK if you agree.

See above.  I just committed changes to most of the index.*.html files in
the website providing a region for translation teams to tell what they wanna
tell on their sites.  Feel free to use that region to promote your team.

C. Michael Pilato <cmpilato at>

"The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting.  It has
 been found difficult; and left untried."  -- G. K. Chesterton
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