R: R: Suggestion on formatting a list in HTML

Célio Cidral Junior ccidral.newsbox at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 15:25:55 CDT 2006

2006/7/6, Federico Nebiacolombo <federico.nebiacolombo at softeco.it>:
> Hi,
>    yes, I have some suggestion: I started from our discussion and elaborated
> something starting from
> Pilato's code fragments.
> It has similar look & feel but it saves some more space (it is a fix for
> me:-)
> I think I will be ready to commit something tomorrow morning.

OK, I will take a look at it when you commit.

> It seems this is a very hot topic...but will be any translation progresse to
> display?! :-)

Sorry Federico, could you please elaborate your question a bit more?

Kind regards,


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