R: R: Suggestion on formatting a list in HTML

Federico Nebiacolombo federico.nebiacolombo at softeco.it
Thu Jul 6 10:19:00 CDT 2006

   yes, I have some suggestion: I started from our discussion and elaborated
something starting from
Pilato's code fragments.
It has similar look & feel but it saves some more space (it is a fix for

I think I will be ready to commit something tomorrow morning.
If you will like it (ok you have still to look at it) we could insert the
style in CSS
file as an alternative look & feel?

It seems this is a very hot topic...but will be any translation progresse to
display?! :-)

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> Oggetto: Re: R: Suggestion on formatting a list in HTML
> 2006/7/5, C. Michael Pilato <cmpilato at red-bean.com>:
> > So, it occurs to me that translating all the text in the table
> to English is
> > going to be a headache.  I think as long as the table headers and the
> > section names have title="" stuffs, that's cool.  Here's a patch to you
> > index.pt_BR.html file that shows what I was talking about in my
> suggestion.
> >  Use it if you wish, but don't feel compelled to do so.
> >
> > Note that you populate the table in the say way as your patch
> allows, but
> > I've added classes for status states ("bad", "medium", and "good").
> I think the two status columns look better if their contents are
> center-aligned, so I did it in the attached patch. I had to take the
> left text alignment out from the column headers' stylesheet to make
> them center-aligned by default. The problem is that the two first
> column headers are now center-aligned, though the two first columns
> are left-aligned. I didn't find a clean way to fix this with CSS.
> I will commit it, unless somebody has more suggestions — which
> are welcome.  :-)
> Célio.

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