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Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at
Tue Jul 4 07:56:04 CDT 2006

I think this is covered in the INSTALL file, isn't it?

The three axioms are:

  * apr0 and apr1 are binary-incompatible
  * httpd-2.0 requires apr0
  * httpd-2.2 requires apr1

And the lemma which derives from these axioms is:  "subversion and
apache must both use the same version of apr."

Subversion ships with apr0 in its own tarball, and expects you to
build against httpd 2.0.  If you happen to have httpd 2.2 sitting
around (which uses apr1), then you have to make subversion link
against the same apr1.

Sorry for the confusion.  Either way, this is out of scope for the
book, which has *no* coverage of build-related things.   It just
assumes you have a binary package ready to go.  These sorts of
problems are the domain of package maintainers (or developers working
on svn itself.)

On 7/4/06, James Green < at> wrote:
> Under
> It would be helpful to include a note about Apache Portable Runtime (and
> Utils). I've just spent several hours tracing the following log message:
> Can't set position pointer in file '/usr/local/svn/db/revs/1': Invalid
> argument  [500, #22]
> Which I eventually solved by recompiling subversion against specific
> apache binary files for apr-1-config and apr-1-util. By default it
> appears to link against version 0 instead of 1, causing the difficulty
> as Apache links against v1.
> James
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